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I would like to thank Sri Nadi Astro Bhava Centre, who had undertaken this divine task generations after generations, for their immense knowledge and their accurate predictions (be it past, present and future). I was mesmerised to hear the exact activities I do in the present by just having read my thumb impressions. Moreover I was also advised with necessary instructions on how to overcome my bad karmas. For his kind and cordial communication, I would further recommend him to my near and dear ones to have their future predicted. I, as a customer who had an opportunity to hear him would request you all to reach him out for a quick resolution of your problems. God Bless !
Guruji Chandra Kumar Ji's predictions have proved to be near perfect, in the case of our family members, in the past. This prompted me to approach him seeking remedial measures for certain difficult situations in the recent past. He narrated the current situations cent percent accurately and given his predictions with reference to sivanadi readings. I have great belief in his nadi jothida predictions.🙏
I am very happy to visit our centre it's really amazing I am very lucky god gift for me our centre. So please come our place after your life will turned. Good service thank u so much CK sir.
I am from Rajapalayam day before only i saw my leaf it's really good amazing excellent services. Thank to god i am visit correct person so please people visit good services our ck is best best best dont miss it. Once you visit after your life will change
100% Accuracy. I Suggest to all to consult Guruji once in your life. It will a turning point. Nice Response. Thanks to Guruji.
It was truly a divine experience with Sri Nadi Astro Bhava Centre and divine Astrologer Chandra Kumar ji. Genuine and honest totally. You really feel you are in the right hands. They show you the right directions and don't misguide. Totally awesome and divine experience 🙏💐
Pandit ji is thorough in explaining nadi leaves. He speaks tamil and I don't know tamil but he explained everything patiently via translator. It was a good experience to have nadi reading with him.
Guruji is very kind hearted person. He is very well experienced and prediction were also very good. SRI NADI ASTRO BHAVA CENTER is the best place to make your future bright. Thankyou Guruji.
Thank you swamiji...great experience 100% clear and correct predicted.I m so happy because swamiji explain all things simple language and give to proper solution to all problems. So thank you again swamiji.
The nadi services I received from Mr.Chandra Kumar are so accurate.His interpretations of predictions on the leaf were so accurate and clear. He was able to understand my present problems without any mention by me.Id suggest these services to anyone. Sudha ,California