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India is a country which is rich in heritage and culture. Ancient Maharishihs have born in South India and established Sastras to the world. Not all the people in this world are destined to do their Nadi readng. People belongs to other continents and countries should also get benefit out of this Nadi Sastra.

That is why the modern technology of Skype, Whatsapp, Google meet, etc are being used to connect people and make them to Experience this Nadi Science.. People who are living in Foregn countries can be connected thru Audio and Video conferencing and make them to experience this Sastra.

Procedure of Naadi Reading

There is a specific way to enter in Naadi Astrology to know about one’s life past, present and future. The great seers, Maharishies found the thumb print of the individuals as a suitable key to enter in Naadi Astrology to the purpose of prediction. They classified the modes found in the thumb in more than one hundred categories. Under each mode the relevant bundles were kept seprated. When a client comes to know what is there in stock for him the Naadi Astrologer takes the thumb print to ascertain the mode and following that he groups the bundles pertaining to that mode. Each bundle contains 35 to 75 leaves having the carvings (script written) of ancient Tamil speaking about the life of individuals. Each leaf will have the index of a particular person such as his /her date of birth as per the Tamil almanac, parentage, age at the time of going through this procedure, marital status, employment etc., in the codified form.

Step 1
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The Naadi Astrologer will decode the information found in the leaf in simple Tamil, the local language to be understood by the client and for the verification of the identities of the client. When all the information \ identities of the client are found in a particular leaf are correct, then the Naadi Astrologer will read the entire leaf containing all information of that client in nutshell. This particular reading is named as General Chapter or Chapter 1. Though the Maharishies give a brief narration of all about the life of the client they did not fail to present a detailed version it in relevant subsequent chapters. The general chapter is mandatory to go through all other chapters.

Following that the great seers speak about the entire expanse of one’s life presented in twelve various segments called as twelve Bhavas. The first one is the general description of the life of a person and nothing will be so profound in it. But the Bhavas excepting the first one will describe a separate part of life in detail. For an example Chapter 2 will describe in detail education, inflow of money, eye sight etc., So also other chapters speaking about other areas life.

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