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Power Vortex Yagna Ritual

Homam (also called havan) is a religious ritual performed by Hindus to invoke the blessings of specific Gods and Goddesses. It begins with the Karta (devotee) invoking Agni (God of fire) and inviting him to carry the dravya (offerings into the fire) to the concerned deity. The Gods, pleased with the offerings grant the wishes of the devotees in the form of benefits like longevity, success in business, good health, prosperity, progeny etc Performing the remedies at temple locations is very powerful since it is under the direct influence of the deity [ The Almighty]. The energy level at the vortexes are more power in healing the devotee from negativity.

Helps to combat all activities of enemies directed towards a person or members of family. Relieves from worries and sufferings caused by bad elements. Cure from diseases and improves overall health condition. Avoids misunderstanding and separation among family members.

The homam grants purification and helps in restoring energies and health. It also promotes success and provides deep levels of purification.

• Needs relief from the evil eye.
• Needs relief from the intense problems due to powerful enemies.
• Requires protection from any strong and negative.interference which could be in the waking state, sleep.state or dream state.
• Wants a lot of wealth.
• Wants a strong victory or highly successful results.
• Wishes to get rid of health issues.
• Wants to pursue deeper experiences of purification.
• Wants to work for the people and community.

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